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Felicia Broccolo with half marathon medals

Certified Life Coach & Impossible Goal Achiever

Felicia Broccolo

Hi there. My name is Felicia. I was a person that loved learning about how to better myself but always found myself stuck with nothing major changing. Until I unlocked achieving impossible goals. Since then, I have run 12 half marathons and 1 full marathon in 12 states within a year, stopped drinking, got the body of my dreams and competed in a bikini contest, went from making 40k per year to over 100k, created an amazing romantic relationship, and wrote a book.

I love setting and achieving impossible goals and I love helping others achieve theirs too.

“Identifying my impossible goal was the most impossible thing for me. That was the highlight. I love surrounding myself with people who are all doing the same thing.”

-Dorothy Johnson


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