Impossible Goal Coaching

Do you have some big, huge, goals?

Goals that feel kind of impossible.

But also super exciting.

I've accomplished some huge impossible goals myself.

  • I went from never running to running 12 half marathons and 1 full marathon in 12 states over the span of 1 year.
  • I went from making 40k per year to 110k in a year.
  • I went from hating my body and having a very disordered relationship with food to having my dream body and a healthy relationship with food.
  • I went from having a “normal” job to having an incredible remote career and traveling the world.
  • I went from having failed relationship after failed relationship to having the relationship of my dreams.
  • I went from drinking normally to quitting drinking altogether just because I wanted to.

Felicia Broccolo with half marathon medals

I remember all of these goals feeling so impossible.

Do you have goals that feel impossible but you want them more than anything?

I've created the exact thing to help you get there.

You'll receive:

  • A step-by-step plan to help you achieve your goal.
  • Weekly group coaching (12 weeks) to overcome all of the obstacles that will come up.
  • A community of kick-ass people who are also working on achieving impossible goals to hold you accountable.
  • A place to communicate 24/7 with me and your group that is off of social media (because honestly, we don't need more social media in our lives.)

It's going to be a place you want to be.

Space is very limited.

You in?


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