Conversation with a Mentor and Special Guest, Corrine Crabtree!

Today we have a special guest episode with Corrine Crabtree. Corinne Crabtree is one of the leading voices in the weight loss industry. She is the host of the top-ranked podcast Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne Crabtree, which has over 40 million downloads around the world. She’s been a featured expert at The Life Coach School and coached 1000’s of women privately in the No BS Weight Loss Program.


Corinne is known for her straight talk, southern sass, and occasional profanity. Her personal mission is to teach EVERY woman how to lose weight for good, and feel as amazing as she deserves.


In this special episode, Stacy conquers her fears and does a solo recording with someone she considers a mentor. Tune in for laughing, crying, coaching, and inspiration as they have a candid conversation about living life now, weight loss, and how to show up for yourself on your goal getting journey. 


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Podcast: Losing 100 Pounds with Corrine

Free weight loss course: 

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