Goal Setting, Persistency & ADHD with Kristen Carder

On this episode, Kristen Carder joins us to talk all things goal setting, persistency, and ADHD. This episode is helpful for anyone who is or isn’t neurotypical. Listen in for some amazing tips!

Feel free to go through this session with your own goals, or reach out for a 1:1 session!


Kristen Carder



With your hosts & certified life coaches, Felicia Broccolo & Stacy Luckey.

Podcast Email: confessionsofagoalgetter@gmail.com

Felica Broccolo, The Impossible Goal Coach:

IG: @feliciaannabroccolo

Website: createtheimpossiblelife.com

Stacy Luckey, The Do It Anyway Coach:

IG: @stacyluckey_

Website: thedoitanywaycoach.com


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