What a Coaching Session is Like (on feeling insecure in our body)

In today’s episode, we discuss feeling insecure around other goal getters. Stacy gets coached by certified life coach, Felicia Broccolo, to help uncover some of the thoughts that could be holding Stacy back from enjoying & being herself at an upcoming event– The Life Coach School Mastermind 2022.


With your hosts & certified life coaches, Felicia Broccolo & Stacy Luckey.

Podcast Email: confessionsofagoalgetter@gmail.com

Felica Broccolo, The Impossible Goal Coach:

IG: @feliciaannabroccolo

Website: createtheimpossiblelife.com  

Stacy Luckey, The Do It Anyway Coach:

IG: @stacy_luckey_mindsetcoach

Website: thedoitanywaycoach.com 



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