When “Fake it Till you Make it” Feels Like a Lie

How to think like a “Goal Getter.” 

In this episode, Felicia and Stacy discuss if/why you shouldn’t go by “fake it till you make it” and how to come up with a phrase that works for you. We talk about powering your mind to drive your actions when “fake it till you make it” feels like a lie.

With your hosts & certified life coaches, Felicia Broccolo & Stacy Luckey.

Podcast Email: confessionsofagoalgetter@gmail.com


Felica Broccolo, The Impossible Goal Coach:

IG: @feliciaannabroccolo

Website: createtheimpossiblelife.com  


Stacy Luckey, The Do It Anyway Coach:

IG: @stacyluckey_ 

Website: thedoitanywaycoach.com 


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